Yoga Mat Flip Flops

The Most Comfortable Yoga Mat Sandals of 2013 by Sanuk®

Started in 1997, and now the hottest footwear of 2013. Sanuk® flip flops are probably the most comfortable flip flops ever made. Made out of recycled materials, one of their hottest lines this year is their yoga mat flip flops. Flip flops made out of recycled material and yoga mats. They almost feel as if you are walking on memory foam (just like the mattress). They contour to your feet to give you an amazing, comfortable, and custom fit!

Best of all, they are Eco-Friendly and extremely affordable! Starting at around $20 a pair, you can't go wrong. They are excellent for daily wear, going to the beach or pool, or as a comfortable replacement for your old boring flip flops. Available in Mens, Womens and Childrens and in all different colors and styles. Click on the links below to view the wide assortment of Sanuk® Flip Flop and Sanuk® Yoga Mat Flip Flops. Click here to browse their online catalog with hundreds of styles to choose from!

MENS - available in over 30 different styles for men

mens flip flops

WOMENS - available in over 50 different styles, many have multiple color options

womens flip flops

CHILDREN - available in 12 different styles and multiple colors!

flip flop children

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